The RainIons full capture system utilizes tourmaline, sunlight, and water to create negative ions. The negative ions eliminate air pollution by (1) neutralizing positively charged pollutants, (2) making unstable pollutants even less stable (e.g., eventually causing decomposition); and/or (3) utilizing the electron affinity of certain molecules to absorb electrons.   

  • The full capture system also uses water to simulate precipitation, because “precipitation is the atmosphere’s single most efficient way of removing particulate pollution.” 1 The RainIons full capture system can create mist, raindrops, waterfalls, streams, pulses and full blasts of water. The system can also create a full shield/stream of water in front of the air exhaust valve/valves to ensure all the polluted air pulled into the system has to travel through water to be cleaned before being released back into the outside air/atmosphere. 

  • Any captured pollution that is not transformed into something safe/decomposed, will then be cleaned with an environmentally friendly/biodegradable cleaning solution that will eliminate the pollution from the environment and leave no harmful footprint on the earth. Any water used in the full capture system will be cleaned and reused in the system. In addition to eliminating Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air, the full capture system also has the ability to capture and store CO2 so it can be reused in enhanced oil recovery, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc.  

The RainIons non-full capture system uses pyroelectric material/materials that have the ability to generate an electric charge and negative ions when they are heated or cooled (change in) temperature) and/or piezoelectric material/materials that have the ability to generate an electric charge in response to stress, uniquely designed filters and any water/vapor present to create negative ions to eliminate air pollution. In the RainIons non full-capture system, no outside water is introduced, and instead, the system only uses water present in the current operation (e.g., water/water vapor that is part of vehicle emission exhaust).