RainIons’ tailpipe & muffler prototype has never been closer.  Through the use of pyroelectric and/or piezoelectric material/materials, uniquely designed filters, and water vapor that is part of the internal combustion process, RainIons will create negative ions in a vehicle’s muffler/tailpipe.


The negative ions will eliminate vehicle emission pollution by (1) neutralizing positively charged pollutants, (2) making unstable pollutants even less stable (e.g., eventually causing decomposition); and/or (3) utilizing the electron affinity of certain molecules to absorb electrons.  

Prototype 5.png
Prototype 7.png

The uniquely designed filters and their specific placement will ensure that there is no engine back pressure concerns/issues and generate even more negative ions. 


Our partner, Bravo Team, is currently finishing computer simulations and the building of  the prototype to verify that technology will be a seamless addition to the transportation industry. We expect a successful prototype in mid to late Q1 2021.