RainIons’ patented technologies mimic the processes of Mother Nature by utilizing a unique combination of negative ions and precipitation/water to eliminate air pollution.  


Scientific studies have validated negative ions eliminate air pollution.  They do this by (1) neutralizing positively charged pollutants, (2) making unstable pollutants even less stable (e.g., eventually causing decomposition); and/or (3) utilizing the electron affinity of certain molecules to absorb electrons.     

Precipitation is the atmosphere's single most efficient way of removing particulate pollution.  This happens because raindrops take pollutants with them as they fall from the sky including CO2.  In addition to capturing or trapping pollutants/pollution, water is also used to generate negative ions via the Lenard Effect.   

Pyroelectric/Piezoelectric materials both generate an electric charge and negative ions when they respectively are either heated/cooled (change in temperature) or in response to stress/pressure.  All known pyroelectric materials, such as Tourmaline, are also piezoelectric. 

Finally, sunlight is important in the process to reduce air pollution/pollutants because it breaks apart air molecules to create negative ions and near the earth’s surface it splits air molecules like it does in the stratosphere.   


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