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RainIons' current prototype is a thermally and electrically conductive coating that was most recently tested in a Ford F-150 Muffler

Larger stack prototypes for marine transportation and factory smokestacks are currently being designed

Prototype Ready for Test.PNG


RainIons partnered with multiple companies to validate our technology. We were assisted by

Air Resources Group- Vancouver

TLEC Canada - Victoria

Montrose Environmental Group- North Carolina

Montrose Test Set Up 1.PNG

Results: We Broke CO2!

But This is Just a Start!

RainIons will conduct several tests to better understand the science behind the miracle. Tests include:

  • EPA Method 5,

  • XRF, GDMS,

  • neutron sputtering,

  • photon-enhanced thermionic emission (PETE)


We will also continue to optimize our coating, and release more iterations of our product over time

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