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Our Technology

When the material experiences changes in temperature within an exhaust system, it develops a permanent magnetic pole. That charge splits oxygen and water in the air, creating negative ions. The negative ions, in combination with radiolysis from alpha particles break CO2 down, completely eliminating it.


Supporting Academic Research

●Tourmaline has been shown to reduce the concentration of CO2, CO, and NOx in a closed environment with changes in temperature (Wang et. al, 2018)

●Radiolysis of CO2 produces solid carbon (Ramirez-Corredores et. al 2020) 

●CO2 split by gamma rays or other ionizing radiation is prevented from recombination by the presence of hydrogen gas Livingston, Peter. (2020)

●CO2 has been shown to split into C and O cations by X-rays even without the presence of water. (Ito, Takao et. al 2004)

●Tourmaline splits water at room temperature into H+ and OH- - which then forms hydrogen gas.  (Kubo, T. 1998)

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