Mark November

Liscensing Adviser

Mark November is a serial entrepreneur. He was Co-Founder of Camelot Licensing (worldwide licensing agency), Co-Owner of Donruss (consumer products company) and currently is Co-Founder of PHP (hydropower company), Co-Founder of Eliaz Therapeutics (medical device company), Co-Founder of EnBiorganic (water treatment company), Co-Founder of SFS (agriculture technology company), Co-Founder of LearnCdo (tele-health), Co-Founder of WhatsAround (social network company), Co-Founder of Aqueduct Solar (a JV with Arcor Energy), and Co-Founder of Rainions with inventor Mark DiCarlo focused on solving air pollution.


Mark November's skills in networking, licensing, team building and business will continue to add value to the Rainions team.