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Solving Air Pollution NOW

Nature inspired point source CO2 capture retrofit

The Problem

Current emissions from air pollution sources are responsible for pollution that kills more than 8 million people annually, and current climate change.

Pollution in air is diffuse and difficult to capture. CO2 in particular is a very stable chemical, which has made it extremely difficult to capture and destroy thus far.

Our Solution

RainIons’ unique coating technology breaks apart chemical bonds using alpha particles and materials that form electric fields and create negative ions  and electrons when stretched, compressed, heated, or cooled. 

Through prototypes and third party testing of our material within exhaust systems, we have already demonstrated transformative chemical reactions for CO2 and GHGs emissions, eliminating up to 96% of the pollution. 


Ours is the first system that uses only the energy within the point source, and requires no additional parts or maintenance.

Our Advantages

  • CO2 is eliminated right at the source, increasing efficiency more than 100x over current direct air capture methods

  • No CO2 storage required

  • No inputs of electricity to power technology

  • No degradation in the coatings, it lasts forever

  • Permanent CO2 destruction without molecular recombination

  • Gigaton level scalability through multi-vertical retrofits

Market Opportunity

Carbon removal is a major revenue opportunity. The global emissions of carbon exceed 35 billion tonnes per year. Each car emits more than 4 tonnes, an 18 wheeler emits 200 tonnes, and an oil tanker emits more than 100 million tonnes per year.

The price of carbon is $75/tonne. At peak market penetration, the potential market for carbon removal for RainIons is several billion dollars.

Business Approach

  • Close development agreements with strategic partners for specific prototypes.

  • Close pilot agreements with strategic corporations in key verticals.

  • Convert organically into full- scale commercial licensing agreements and deployment.

We're Patented

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Current Projects

  • Prototype development for exhaust retrofit in China

  • Plans to create a pilot of 2.7 million retrofitted exhaust units for mufflers in Madhya Pradesh, India

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