Segment 1: Automotive

Image by nrd

RainIons will create negative ions in a vehicle’s muffler and tailpipe to eliminate emission pollution. This will be accomplished through the use of pyroelectric and piezoelectric material/materials, uniquely designed filters, and water vapor that is part of the internal combustion process.  

The high temperatures and elevated pressures found inside a vehicle muffler and tailpipe will cause the pyroelectric and piezoelectric materials to naturally create a tremendous number of negative ions.

Additionally, the uniquely designed and specifically placed filters will not only guide the flow of exhaust onto the materials to increase surface temperature and pressure, but they will also break apart water/vapor into a fine mist to create even more negative ions.  

The automotive retrofit and new vehicle markets are extremely large! In 2019, approximately 92 million vehicles were produced worldwide, with about 60 million produced by the top ten car manufacturers. Furthermore, the automobile muffler market and aftermarket are expected to exceed 6 billion dollars by 2022!